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Writing Samples

How a Middle-Class Family is Exploring the World by Yacht - The Points Guy
Becoming  a Travel Writer Means I Can Sail Full-Time - Great Escape Publishing
Discovering Saba - Bluewater Sailing Magazine
Well-Known Youtubers Inspiring a New Breed of Sailors - Caribbean Compass pages 24-25
Is It Viable to Vlog - The Cruising Helmsman pages 12-21
Best Way to Spend a Day On Four Caribbean Islands - The Points Guy
St Martin's Inexpensive Must-See Attractions For Families  - The Points Guy
Perilous Pelee - Caribbean Compass pages 26-27
Sailing Santa - Caribbean Compass page 32
Hashing in Paradise - Caribbean Compass pages 20-21
Please note, I can also supply beautiful, high-resolution photographs with all of my stories.
This page is constantly being updated and several more articles are scheduled to be published every month. Please contact me if you don't find what you're looking for. 

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